A Smarter Approach

Crowd-up is creating a decentralised funding platform that is digitizing equity to implement a quick, secure and efficient marketplace for private businesses to raise capital. We achieve this by removing the market intermediaries that currently exist in traditional platforms, such as; brokers, underwriters and centralised financial institutions.

High Growth Investments

Operated in a manner that is similar to a venture capital fund. Investors buy into the ‘fund’ by purchasing our digital currency - CDUs (Crowd-Up tokens). These tokens allow investors to invest in companies raising funds on our platform, therefore operating with the buying power of a venture fund but maintaining the flexibility of angel investing.

Decentralized Funding

The world is moving faster than its current financial systems. Crowd-up's core customer base are early stage investors and employees of early stage companies that are being compensated with equity. We allow them a greater security through liquidity in their assets. Meaning that they can have a earlier sale if required. This flexibility is healthier for the ecosystem than the current state and should reduce 'log jams' in early stage finance while late exits are being sought.

ICO Pre-Sale Starts in

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International Investment

Connecting companies with investors through equity crowdfunding opens the world to opportunity

Fast Liquidity

Rewriting the way capital is invested and returned received. Incredibly fast liquidity is the result

Greater Investor Security

Using blockchain technology there is a clear proof of ownership in a company even if Crowd-Up closed.

Divisibility of Assets

It's simple, you can buy less than one share thanks to the flexibility out Token enables investors.


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